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Welcome to my newsletter The Harvesting Revolution. I’m Sadok Ben Dkhil, CTO at Dracula Technologies.

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With the spread of the Internet-of-Things, securing a new generation of power source, eco-friendly and efficient is needed.

Energy harvesting is the capture and conversion of ambient (free) energy into electric energy.

Over the last decade, some technologies have become promising in order to power the next generation of sensors. Energy harvesting is booming but it is still difficult to measure the progress and evaluate the possibilities it has to offer. That’s why, I decided to launch my own newsletter with a scientific approach.

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I obtained my Ph.D. in physics in 2012. After working as postdoctoral fellow at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Nanoscience of Marseille (CINaM) in France with advisor Dr. Jörg Ackermann for four years in national and industrial research project related to OPV applications. My research and development interests are focused on solution processed thin film photovoltaics solar cells based on polymers and hybrid materials. I have more than 35 publications in scientific journals and several patents and I’m currently the CTO of the french startup Dracula Technologies specialized in OPV by inkjet printing.