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February 2023

A section that completes the main part by bringing articles on opportunities, especially through ideas or concepts.

December 2022

Of course, we have gathered the best articles and news for this last month of the year...
Nearly all strategies to meet climate targets or preserve global biodiversity require the world’s agricultural land area to be held at current levels or…

November 2022

New opportunities in addition to scientific articles but also the addition of influencers-engineers in the world of energy harvesting.

October 2022

The world of Energy Harvesting is off to a great start this fall. On the agenda, scientific papers on Piezo, but also a strong increase of research on…

August 2022

The last news of July and August and the events not to be missed in September!

June 2022

The newsletter to follow the news on Energy Harvesting.

April 2022

Why can't we achieve sustainable technology by continuing to use heavy metals? What are the energy possibilities with the meteoric rise of connected…

March 2022

A special webinar to demonstrate how to build a connected object with an energy harvesting solution.

February 2022

The best ways to integrate energy harvesting solutions into our current processes.

October 2021

The Harvesting Revolution #11